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Tender Loving Kare is an early Education School which provides programs for children ages infant through fourteen years.

TLK is a privately owned and operated independent school which was established February, 1994 with a vision of providing high quality early education and care for all children. This foundation serves as a driving force for continued growth and focus on expanding the programs that we offer.

Our philosophy includes providing a nurturing environment that fosters each child's self-identity, utilizing developmentally appropriate practices to enhance each child's learning opportunities.

Family and community are an important component at TLK. As a small school, families are an integral part of the program. Parents have opportunities to see their children's teachers daily and to participate in the program as their schedules allow. This close relationship enhances each child's personal growth and achievement and promotes a secure and safe environment. Communication between teacher and families adds to each child's learning environment and offers support for continued success.


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  • Teaching Children About Gratitude with Crafts, Games, Books, and Songs

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is the perfect time of year to sneak some lessons about gratitude into regular every day activities. Here are some fun crafts, games, books, and even a song to help get your little ones playing along. Try to keep it up throughout the year! You’ll be surprised how a little bit of fun can help

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  • Tips for Parents: Reading Aloud to Children Who Won’t Sit Still

    Mom and daughter reading a book in the parkReading aloud to your children is extremely important to their early development. Reading together is not only a great opportunity for bonding, but also provides many benefits, such as improved cognitive skills and language development, which play a great role in a child’s

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  • Tips for Parents: Helping Your Child Succeed in School

    Mother helping children with homeworkEducation is incredibly important for the future of our children. Involving yourself in your child’s education can have an immeasurable impact on his/her success in school. As a parent, it is important to set a good example for your children and encourage a positive attitude about learning.


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