Academic Standards

Early Childhood

childcare-child14TLK’s curriculum incorporates multi-domains to promote the development of the whole child. The curriculum for all age groups is aligned with the state standards which include the Early Learning Foundations. Scaffolding from one level to the next provides continuity in the development of skills and concepts over varying age ranges. Our teaching strategies incorporate different learning styles that engage all types of learners. Areas of focus for infants/toddlers include Language Development, Cognitive/Discovery, Social/Emotional Attachment, motor development, and creative arts.

Areas of focus for pre-school and pre-kindergarten include Literacy and Language Development, Creative Arts, Science, Social Studies/Social-Emotional Development, Math, and Physical Health and Development. Spanish and Sign Language are also included with all age groups to provide a well rounded approach to learning.

Units are developed based on themes and activities that promote development of skills and concepts across all domains. Activities both large group and small group are engaging and play based which provide opportunities for children to practice the skills and concepts introduced. Problem solving, respect, compassion, and appropriate expression of feelings are also specifically addressed as part of the program to enable our children to become active, successful, compassionate individuals.

Children’s development is continuously monitored and assessed to align learning opportunities with the specific group and individual needs of each child. Parents are provided with mid year and end of the year reports and opportunities to meet for parent/teacher conferences to discuss their child’s development. It is important to note that although TLK is a very structured early childhood program we focus on engaging, hands on learning opportunities directed through play which allows the children multiple modes to learn from. It is important that the children develop positive self-concepts and develop a life long love for learning.

Kindergarten – Fifth Grade

childcare-child2TLK Academy is a continuation of the approach to learning as provided with the early childhood program. The curriculum is cross walked with state standards, however, many concepts/skills are taught a grade level ahead. We utilize opportunities to engage students through a variety of methods to incorporate many learning styles.

Our Language Arts Curriculum utilizes a balanced literacy approach incorporating whole language and phonics instructions. We use the Houghton Mifflin leveled reading program and the use of flexible grouping to allow students to move in and out of different levels as they grow as readers throughout the year. Our phonics instruction utilizes some direct skill instruction and the opportunities to practice applying those skills as the students become more fluent readers. Our writing program uses a holistic approach and teaches the writing process. Writing is included across the curriculum and provides for multiple modes and practice for becoming exceptional readers and writers. TLK also engages in both Star Reading and Accelerated Reader (AR) programs that provide for individual reading levels and allows each student opportunities to grow as a reader at his/her own pace. Students read a book within their specific reading level range and then take a comprehension test on the computer. This allows them to continue moving forward to higher reading levels on an individual basis. We can monitor and track their progress throughout the year and from year to year.

The math program we utilize is Saxon math. Students are typically a grade level ahead. Each unit provides not only new skills and concepts but also reviews previously taught skills to be sure that children maintain what they have learned throughout the year. Guided practice and then check for understanding are part of each unit.

childcare-child17Science and Social Studies provide for multiple opportunities to learn about units of studies. Each grade level units of study are aligned with state content standards. Children utilize hands on learning opportunities, projects, presentations, and traditional assessments to engage them in the learning process.

One of the most important and unique aspects of the TLK program is that we continue to move children throughout the year according to how they perform and understand what is taught. We can go back and re-teach specific units/concepts not completely understood or mastered and move ahead for those that are mastered quickly. Students are not “stuck” at what typically is taught at each grade level. They are continuously moving forward to achieve as much as they can and simply pick up where they previously left off from year to year.

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