Academic Standards

Early Childhood

childcare-child14TLK uses Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold to create developmentally appropriate learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom. Creative Curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on the objectives for children’s development and learning in the areas of Social-Emotional, Physical, Cognitive, Language, Literacy, Art, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

For infants and toddlers Creative Curriculum focuses on individualizing learning experiences based on the needs of the individual child. Using observations in the classrooms the teachers create intentional lesson plans to help the child meet their individual goals. Our infant and toddler classrooms offer choices and encourages flexibility in their care and routines.

The Creative Curriculum for Preschool focuses on in depth investigations called studies that are related to real world topics such as Trees, Simple Machines, Insects, Clothes, Exercise, etc. The studies feature exploration and discovery as ways of learning, allowing children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills. Imbedded in the lessons are also large and small group academic experiences that help children develop language, literacy, math, and science skills.

Tender Loving Kare uses Teaching Strategies Gold as our assessment tool to monitor children’s progress throughout the year. Parents are provided with mid-year and end of the year reports and opportunities to meet for parent/teacher conferences to discuss their child’s development. It is important to note that although TLK is a very structured early childhood program we focus on engaging, hands on learning opportunities directed through play which allows the children to have multiple modes to learn from. Our play experiences help children develop the social skills they need to be successful later on in their academic careers.

Tender Loving Kare