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June 2015

“Hi Tony and Megan,
   This week, my husband started a new job after being laid off for about 8 weeks. To begin his new job, he is required to go to training in PA in which they put him up in a hotel for three weeks. Needless to say, being a working mom with a teething 1 year old and a very ‘helpful’ 4 year old, I have been exhausted this week! I honestly don’t know how single, working moms do it!
   Anyhow, the reason for my email is I was reflecting upon how seamless it was for Wesley to transition full time this week to his new classroom with Ms. Casey. Ms. Casey, Ms. Hope, Ms. Laiken, and Kirsten have been so amazing…professional, loving, sweet, understanding, and accommodating in welcoming Wesley into this new environment. Every afternoon that I pick up Wes, they are sure to tell me a highlight of his day. I cannot express enough how comforting this is that they take the time to personally tell me something great that happened since obviously he cannot verbalize for himself.
   As I was impressed by this, I can’t help but also acknowledge how I’ve been blown away by the smiles, love, and compassion that Ms. Debbie and Ms. Katie show to Brady and the others on a daily basis. It is truly inspiring to watch these two ladies in the classroom. They treat each child with the utmost respect, fairness, and kindness. In addition, the amount that Brady has learned this year surpasses anything I could have imagined (Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, owls being nocturnal…wow!) Maybe these things are typical in preschool; I don’t have much experience with this age. But as an elementary teacher, I am so impressed with the knowledge he has gained from these two and those teachers prior of course, that I learn something new every single night!
   I have been very pleased with TLK as I’m sure you know but I couldn’t help but express my appreciation to you both since I know firsthand that teachers thrive on hearing the positive. Every teacher we have had so far, including Ms. Gina, Ms. Stacy, Ms. Mo, Ms. Nicole, and Ms. Jackie have truly taken our little boys and given the most amazing care that I can never express enough gratitude for. You guys have created an impressive and invaluable culture for learning and love over there and should be very proud.
   So thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do to help raise our little people into smart, kind, and prepared young students.”


   “TLK has been an essential part of our village since we began bringing our children there almost 5 years ago. There isn’t a single person on staff that we don’t know by first name. What we value most how the staff encourages our children to grow into people of good character. My oldest son comes to TLK for before and aftercare, while my youngest son has been attending as a “student” since he was 18 months old. We have loved every teacher that has shaped our children. I have never had a moment where I felt restless or worried about leaving my children at TLK. And I must add that Megan, Cassie, and Tony are extraordinarily accessible and kind. We don’t feel like customers. We feel like family. There is no price to be placed on that.” 

The J Family

   “To TLK ~ As for any family, choosing childcare for our family was a big decision. We felt good about TLK from the moment we toured the facility. Everyone smiled and the setting was bright and organized, yet relaxed. I was worried my kids would miss out on the family vibe and flexibility of the in-home care they had received prior to TLK. However, I found that TLK had just the right combination of academics and realistic expectations for kids and families. Every employee makes an effort to welcome our family everyday. They really have become the family atmosphere we were looking for!”

   “We have an eight year old son, which has been in TLK since the age of one. All we can say is that we love TLK. Moving to Delaware in 2008 and not knowing anyone or having family in the state, we worried about who we would get to care for our then one year old son. We started our search and looked at several Day Care Centers in the area. Upon entering TLK, we knew right away that this is where we wanted our son to be. Not only were the hallway floors cleaned, (yes that is a big plus for me) the classrooms were also cleaned and well-organized. The Administration team that gave us the tour and explained the policy of TLK were very friendly and today still are. TLK has been very good to us over the last several years and we have no regrets what so ever choosing them as our Day Care Center.”

   “Tender Loving Kare is truly a first-rate childcare – and learning – facility. We have both of our daughters attending TLK and we could not be more happy with the care and services they provide. Both of our daughters are flourishing and receive exemplary instruction and care. The teachers are wonderful and they really work hard to teach their students something every day. In addition, TLK offers wonderful additional activities for our children. Kids are able to try different sports, dancing and activities that suit their interests.

We really could not be more happy with TLK – and could not recommend it higher. They are a five star facility and it truly shows with how much they love and care for their students.”

   “TLK is has been such a great place for our children to learn and grow. The most important aspect of TLK for us, is the truly caring staff. The amount of love and concern that we’ve grown to know from the teachers of our children, has built such a level of trust that is so important. They truly care about the children’s wellbeing, and how they progress as they move on throughout each classroom. We appreciate everything both kids have been able to learn, and have such admiration for the teaching staff. It’s made our oldest very successful in school, and our youngest is prospering and amazes us more and more each day with new words, and thoughts.” —VS

   “As the parent of a special needs child, my main concern was making sure my child felt comfortable in a daycare setting. The staff at TLK worked patiently with him as he adjusted to the new atmosphere and showed true concern in his wellbeing. I took comfort in knowing that my sons teachers cared as much about him as I do! The relationship that we have with TLK is priceless and for that I am forever thankful.” —WT

   “My children have been going to TLK Smyrna since they were infants (5 and 2 now). It’s hard for anyone to leave their child during the day with someone other than themselves or their spouse, but at TLK, I have never worried about my child’s safety or his wellbeing. My children have been loved as if they are the teachers own. The teachers at TLK have taught my children so much, and I can’t thank them enough. There is nothing like the peace of mind knowing your child is loved, well cared and safe in your absence.” —PC

   “We have been part of the TLK family for approximately three years now. We have had all three of our children entrusted in the care of the staff there, and we have been absolutely satisfied with their services. From potty training to learning the building blocks of reading and writing skills, our kids have learned so much from being there daily. They have also learned how to build social relationships and have learned what is expected of them in a classroom-like environment. We appreciate the level of professionalism they exhibit, and the curriculum they follow is great and developmentally age-appropriate. Our kids have had holiday celebrations, special “shows” for Mother’s Day, and pre-school graduations complete with cap and diploma. They have had so much fun, and we treasure the artwork they have brought home. TLK is more than just a daycare for us. They are a caring group of people that we trust to care for our children. It will truly be a sad day when our last little one goes off to school!” —BB

   “Like many other parents, we dreaded the day we’d have to send our brand new baby to daycare. He’d only known us, how could anyone care for him the way that I would? How could they possibly make sure his needs were met while caring for all the other babies as well? It turns out that the teachers (because that is what they are!) at Tender Loving Kare are pros and we had nothing to worry about. If he needed extra attention, they made sure he had it. If he got sick, they snuggled with him until we could get there. They celebrated every milestone with excitement, as if he were their own child, even though they have seen hundreds of babies hit the same exact milestones. As he got older, we were truly amazed at the things he was capable of learning and doing. He surprised us nearly every day with a new skill. Using sign language as an infant, counting to ten in Spanish before he was two, and even potty training was made easier thanks to the help of his TLK teachers. When it was time for baby number two to start at Tender Loving Kare, we were able to go in to it with an entirely different outlook than the first time. We were relaxed knowing he would be in the best hands, and excited to see him learn and grow on a daily basis. Because of TLK, daycare has now become something we see as a benefit to our children instead of just something we have to do because we work. We wholeheartedly recommend TLK to anyone who asks for a childcare recommendation!” —RS

   “Our daughter has been at TLK since she was three and a half months old and we have absolutely love it here! Cadence is now four and she loves it here too! We have been impressed by all of her teachers and really appreciate the open communication the whole school has. It gives me such a good feeling to drop her off in the mornings and see the enjoyment she gets going into her classroom to meet up with her teachers and friends!” —NH

“I have been a loyal parent to TLK since 2011 with two kids currently enrolled. I can say nothing but great things about TLK. The staff, the curriculum, the policies and the facilities are all great. I know that when I send my kids to school each day that they will be well cared for and challenged academically. After 3 years at TLK, the children are well prepared to succeed once they are enrolled in Kindergarten.” —LG

   “TLK is the best in town. We trust that our children will be safe, nurtured, and that their developmental needs are met and challenged at every age. Over the years, the TLK staff has become extended family.” —KS

“Governor’s Award for Excellence in Early Care & Education
RE:  Tender Loving Kare Center, Middletown DE

June 11, 2008

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to recognize Tender Loving Kare for providing a safe, structured and resolution-based child care facility for my child. Both of my children have been enrolled for one and a half years, one in the preschool program and one in the before and after school program.

My youngest child was having some behavior issues in the classroom. The staff was proactive and responsive, and worked with my husband and me to develop a behavior plan that focused on positive reinforcement. Now after several weeks on his “behavior plan” my son’s behavior has improved greatly. This would not be possible if the staff was not as engaged and responsive to the needs of my son. I appreciate the attitude in which they approached the issue, always focusing on the positive.

In addition, I am very pleased with the before and after school program. As simple as it sounds, having children devote a certain amount of time to completing homework assignments during after-care has been a huge time-saver for my family.

In managing the time commitments required of a dual-income household, my children spend a lot of time at Tender Loving Kare. It makes it easier knowing that the center and staff are committed to providing a safe, educational and fun place for my children in their “home away from home”.

Thank you for considering Tender Loving Kare for this award.”

— MB, Middletown, DE

“Dear TLK,

…I would like to thank your staff for the hard work, love and support they have put into (our son’s) educational development. I honestly feel that your center is the best in educating and caring for its children and (our son) is a product of all your dedication…”

— The S. Family

May 7, 2008

“Dear Tony and Cassie,

…It does actually sadden us to move (our son). He has formed countless trusting relationships with so many teachers there. Every day he walks in the building, happy to be there, eager to see his teachers and friends. Never did I worry about him. Every single day, I knew he was in good hands. Although it has been a couple years, the same was true of (our daughter) too. This is such a testament to the care you provide for all the young ones at TLK. We were so comfortable and confident with TLK that we were willing to drive more than fifty miles per day out of the way to keep (our son) with you. So many teachers at work praised various centers in Newark, suggesting I take him to a facility closer to my school, but I simply could not move (our son) because I trust TLK so implicitly. Having had children at TLK since January of 2004, I can truly say that I made the right choice in bringing them to you. My children have learned so much from the numerous teachers they have experienced, always having good things to say and great memories to keep…”

— MB

“…I recently attended my daughters 1st Kindergarten Parent teacher conference. Her grades are fantastic. She is reading at a 2nd grade level. She has also surpassed all expectations for her age group. Additionally she also received an Outstanding in her Spanish class. According to her teacher, there were only a few given throughout the entire grade.

I would like to thank the staff at TLK for your pursuit of excellence in the educational field. I truly believe that the education and the curriculum presented to her at TLK is a part of her success.

After returning to work, from being home for several years. I have been concerned that the choices might affect her and her sister. It is a great relief to know that their education has only flourished with this decision.

I would, and have recommended Tender Loving Kare to anyone I come across that is looking for an exceptional educational facility. Again, I would like to thank you all for your hard work and dedication to my children. It is greatly appreciated!”

— JP

June 2008

“…At TLK we know our children are healthy and safe because of the care and attention to the grounds and classrooms. This year, TLK incurred great expense to install artificial turf over its entire play yard, which is safer for kids to land on with cushioned areas around all equipment made of recycled tires (underneath the turf). This surface also dries much more quickly than grass, so that after rainy periods, children are able to play and exercise outside after just a brief wait, instead of being confined inside to prevent muddy slippage.

In terms of other health considerations, at least once a year, TLK offers free vision screenings for all children. They provide regular reminders for sunscreen application, and offer to apply it during daycare hours as long as parents provide a detailed note. All administrations of medication are strictly controlled via use of prescription labels and detailed logs.

The security at TLK is exceptional, with just one entrance that is only accessible via a key fob entry system. Every parent must sign in/out children using an electronic tracking system. Only individuals authorized by parents or guardians may pick up children, and must sign in and provide photo identification when they do so. There are security cameras at various locations within the building, in the parking lot and playground areas…”

— The W. Family, Middletown DE

August 2007

“…I’m pretty sure by now we have been in every classroom in TLK, I can’t think of an problem that made me think this wasn’t the place for our kids.  We’ve had a few concerns about changing teachers, or keeping the kids challenged, but I’ve never hesitated to pick up the phone or drop in and both (Tony and Cassie) make the time to talk about our concerns. You’ve been responsive, explained either reasons or courses of action that could be taken and listened to determine if the service you provide could be improved…

It boils down to one thing – our children are loved at TLK. They love their friends and teachers in return. Thank you – more than words can say – for everything!…”

— The F. Family

Tender Loving Kare