Preparing for Winter – Tips for Parents

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two kids in winter clothesThe leaves are falling, the clocks have been turned back, and the temperature is dropping. Now is the time to get our homes and families ready for the snow and cold. Winter will be here before you know it…   don’t get stuck unprepared! Some planning can prevent some potentially disastrous situations!

Make a List– Start by making lists of what you’ll need and what needs to be done, then check off what you already have as you go through closets and cabinets. This will help ensure nothing is forgotten.

Stock up
  1. Every day essentials– These will be extremely helpful if you get snowed in or if you want to avoid going out in the cold. Last minute trips to the store for toilet paper can be very inconvenient!

2. Food– Milk, bread, water, and canned goods are very hard to find before/during a storm. Stock up what you can ahead of time to avoid the mad rush on the bread aisle. Filling your freezer as much as possible will help not only with meals when you’re stuck in the house, but also with keeping the freezer cold if the power goes out. Slow-cooker freezer meals are great (you can find tons of recipes for them on Pinterest)!

 3. Candles, matches, flashlights, batteries – These are essential during a power outage! Make sure they are in a place where they are easy to locate in the dark, but be sure they are out of the reach of small children.

4. Medicine cabinet/first aid kit– Make sure you have plenty of ibuprofen, cold medicine, bandages, antiseptic, lip balm…etc.

5. Arts, crafts, and indoor games will help keep them occupied when they’re stuck inside. Try to incorporate some exercises to help them burn of some steam… e.g. “Simon says- do 5 jumping jacks”.

Sort clothes– Put away the shorts and tank tops to make room for pants, sweaters, and fuzzy warm pajamas. There should be different levels of warmth- layering outfits is helpful if you don’t know how cold it will be, if they will be in and out of the house, etc. Make sure clothes and shoes are loose enough to allow for sufficient blood flow.

Coats and accessories– Have the coats, jackets, hats, gloves, scarfs and boots in a convenient place. Keeping everything in one place will help avoid leaving without them, or the dreaded “I can’t find my hat” as you are trying to get out the door. Keep extra gloves in book bags or coat pockets in case one gets lost.

Blankets, blankets, blankets! – Extra blankets are great for snuggling up on the couch or for an extra layer on especially cold nights. They’re also great for building tents in the living room when the weather is bad!

We, at Tender Loving Kare, wish you a safe and warm winter!

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