Snow Day Activities

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kids-511640_1280Well, it’s official…the snow days are here again. Last year, by the end of the winter, even the kids were sick of the snow (who knew that was possible?!). Hopefully we don’t have that problem this year, but just in case…we’ve put together a list of indoor activities for when playing in the snow is no longer exciting.

  • Make a snow globe- Use old figurines and jars to make fun snow globes.
  • Physical activity cube-Get them moving with this direction following game.
  • Dance! Put on your favorite CD or music channel and have a dance party!
  • Read- Have each child choose their favorite book to read together. Spread it out a bit if the little ones get antsy.
  • Build a fort- Use blankets, pillows, cushions, and whatever else you can find to make a fort.
  • Build a tower with Legos or blocks. See who can build the tallest tower.
  • Watch a movie- Pop in your favorite movie and curl up together under the blankets with some healthy snacks.
  • Make up a story- Start at the beginning and then add to the story one person at a time.
  • Flashlight games- Check out these flashlight games the kids will love.
  • Board games- check out this list of educational board games from
  • Hide and seek- Who doesn’t love a game of hide and seek?
  • Scavenger hunt- Make a list of items the kids can find around the house. Change it up a bit by assigning each child a color to search for.
  • Simon says- check out this new version from to help promote your child’s development and listening skills!
  • Indoor camping- Put up a small tent in the living room and pretend your camping. Don’t forget the s’mores! (Check out this kid friendly version of s’mores you can make inside!)

We, at Tender Loving Kare, hope you all have a safe and warm winter! Stay tuned for our next blog for a list of fun winter crafts and activities!

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