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Tips for Parents: Reading Aloud to Children Who Won’t Sit Still

Reading aloud to your children is extremely important to their early development. Reading together is not only a great opportunity for bonding, but also provides many benefits, such as improved cognitive skills and language development, which play a great role in a child’s future success. As important as this is, many parents get frustrated trying […]


Tips for Parents: Helping Your Child Succeed in School

Education is incredibly important for the future of our children. Involving yourself in your child’s education can have an immeasurable impact on his/her success in school. As a parent, it is important to set a good example for your children and encourage a positive attitude about learning. Communicate- Talk to your child daily about how […]


How to Use Thanksgiving to Teach Your Child About Appreciation

Thanksgiving is a time to show appreciation and to spend time with loved ones, but as a host or hostess do you ever find yourself wondering if your hard work is appreciated? Don’t worry, there are ways to involve your family in the preparation to help them recognize the true meaning of Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving history– […]


Educational Halloween History and Crafts

  As we prepare for Halloween… buying/making our costumes, candy, and decorations, amongst our ghouls, witches, and vampires, let us not forget this… Halloween is not only about candy, costumes, and parties… there is also a history going back more than 2,000 years. While you’re doing your crafts and carving pumpkins use the time as […]


10 Fun and Educational Summer Activities for Preschoolers

Summer is here! The school year is coming to an end, and plans are being made for the months ahead. While you want to let your children enjoy their time at the pool and beach, including some educational activities into your planning can help children improve their skills instead of losing them to the “summer […]

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