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Teaching Children About Gratitude with Crafts, Games, Books, and Songs

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is the perfect time of year to sneak some lessons about gratitude into regular every day activities. Here are some fun crafts, games, books, and even a song to help get your little ones playing along. Try to keep it up throughout the year! You’ll be surprised how a little bit […]


How to Use Thanksgiving to Teach Your Child About Appreciation

Thanksgiving is a time to show appreciation and to spend time with loved ones, but as a host or hostess do you ever find yourself wondering if your hard work is appreciated? Don’t worry, there are ways to involve your family in the preparation to help them recognize the true meaning of Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving history– […]


Thanksgiving Snacks for Kids

 Thanksgiving is almost here… soon we will be stuffing ourselves full of turkey, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie. This time of year, it’s easy to fill up on unhealthy snacks…but there are ways  to sneak in some nutrition with snacks and sandwiches your children will love! Snacks: Thanksgiving Cornucopia Snack […]

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