Teaching Children About Gratitude with Crafts, Games, Books, and Songs

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is the perfect time of year to sneak some lessons about gratitude into regular every day activities. Here are some fun crafts, games, books, and even a song to help get your little ones playing along. Try to keep it up throughout the year! You’ll be surprised how a little bit of fun can help to teach such an important lesson.

Gratitude Crafts:

Doing crafts with your children provides multiple developmental benefits including fine motor skills, language, creativity, and many others. What better way to practice these skills than with crafts that will leave you with decorations and memories you can look back on for years to come. Here’s a few awesome gratitude based crafts your family will love!


Thanksgiving tree by “Crafts By Amanda” 



Gratitude Journal by “Everyday Family”



Give Thanks- Paper Quilt by “Let’s Explore”



Thankful Jar (w/ printable) by “Mama Miss”


Games and activities to practice gratitude:

Family game time can provide you and your children with some great bonding time and, even though they don’t realize it, is yet another skill building opportunity. Practice thankfulness with these fun and easy games and activities!


The Gratitude Game by “Planet Smarty Pants”



Gratitude Activity Jar by “Inner Child Fun”



Gratitude Activity Game by “Play. Party. Pin.”
Includes printable list of activities 



Gratitude Scavenger Hunt by “Let’s Get Together”



Gratitude Bingo Game by “Inner Pieces Gallery” 



Thanksgiving Scattergories by “Crafting Chicks”



Great Gratitude Games 
Gratitude Guess Who, Gratitude Pictionary, and more by “DVO”


Songs about Gratitude:

Songs make learning more fun with rhymes that are easy for children to remember. Here’s a fun song about gratitude your child can sing all year long!


Books about Gratitude:

As we’ve mentioned before, reading to your children is extremely important to early development! Reading books about thankfulness is a great way to teach children about gratitude.

Totschooling provides a great list of 10 Gratitude and Thanksgiving Books for Preschoolers!

Check out our article about Reading Aloud to Children Who Won’t Sit Still for tips for reading to little ones who are always on the go! 

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