Tips for Helping Your Child with Homework

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It can be extremely difficult for parents to handle their children’s frustration when it comes to homework. The more upset they get, the harder it is for them to focus. However, there are things you can do to help them (and you) get through it. Here are some tips to make homework time go more smoothly…

  • Timing– Different schedules work for different children. Some children are more focused when they first get out of school, while others may need to “blow off some steam” first. Either way, a healthy snack, or dinner may help boost their focus. When you figure out what timing works best for your child, help them stick to it by setting a regular homework time. 
  • Quiet time– Whether at the kitchen table, or at a desk in the bedroom, make sure they are in an environment which will allow them to focus. Televisions, radios, and computers can be very distracting. Making “Homework Time” apply to the whole family can be very helpful and set a good example for your children, take the time to read or pay bills while the little ones are occupied with “quiet time” activities. 
  • Make it FUN– Pay attention to what your child’s problem areas are… making them more interesting can help get their attention.
  • Don’t overdo it– You should be nearby if your child needs your help, but don’t do it for them. Homework is meant to reinforce the day’s lessons, but also to let the teacher know what your child understood, and what they might need help with. Help when they need it, but if it’s something they are having a lot of trouble with let the teacher know. 
  • Encourage them– Many times children are afraid to ask for help. Encourage them to do so, even if it’s before or after class- teachers are there to help! If they do well, tell them! Post good grades on the fridge or start a bulletin board. 

At Tender Loving Kare we understand that not all parents have schedules which allow them to do these things. We’re here to help! Check out our Before & After School Program! 

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